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IAU Symposium No. 240

Binary Stars as Critical Tools & Tests
in Contemporary Astrophysics

22-25 August 2006
Prague, Czech Republic

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Czech Republic

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • C. Allen (Mexico) - trapezium systems, wide binaries (separation vs age, etc), runaway stars
  • D. Bisikalo (Russia) - 3-D gasdynamical modelling of mass transfer and accretion in binaries (applied to Algols, dwarf novae, X-ray binaries, beta Lyr)
  • J. Davis (Australia) - long-baseline interferometry of binaries, stellar diameters, Cepheids
  • E. Guinan (USA, co-chair) - extragalactic binaries, eclipsing binaries, photometry of cluster variable stars, robotic telescopes for high-precision photometry, stellar influence on planetary atmospheres
  • P. Harmanec (Czech Republic, co-chair) - Be stars, variable star light curves, long-term light and spectral variations, elements of hot binaries, application of disentangling
  • W. Hartkopf (USA, co-chair) - speckle interferometry, visual binary catalogs, visual/spectroscopic binary orbits, nomenclature
  • P. Lampens (Belgium) - infrared differential photometry, variable star light curves, disentangling spectra of triples
  • J. Ling (Spain) - visual binaries, speckle interferometry, binary orbits and masses
  • K. Olah (Hungary) - Doppler imaging of stellar surface structure, starspots
  • T. Oswalt (USA) - white dwarf variability and age, wide binaries, science with small telescopes
  • K. Pavlovski (Croatia) - disentangling composite spectra, eclipse mapping of Algols
  • G. Peters (USA) - mass and ang. momentum transfer in Algol binaries, winds in Be stars
  • S. Rucinski (Canada) - W UMa contact binaries, radial velocity studies of close binaries, contact binaries as distance tracers
  • C. Scarfe (Canada) - precise radial velocities, spectroscopic and combined orbits
  • B. Warner (South Africa) - ex officio
  • M. Wolf (Czech Republic, national organizing committee) - apsidal motion in eccentric eclipsing binaries, photometry of symbiotics
  • H. Zinnecker (Germany) - binary star populations in Pop II stars and OB associations, microlensing by brown dwarfs, evolution of circumstellar disks, formation of massive binaries


  • C. Aerts (Belgium) - asteroseismology of beta Cep stars, hot star pulsation and mass loss
  • A. Gimenez (Spain/ESA)- eclipsing binaries in M31, INTEGRAL (gamma-ray mission)
  • H. McAlister (USA) - long-baseline interferometry of binaries, stellar diameters, resolving spectrscopic binaries, adaptive optics for differential photometry
  • D. Pourbaix (Belgium) - spectroscopic binary orbit catalog, color-induced displacement doubles in Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Hipparcos variability-induced movers, Gaia binaries
  • V. Trimble (USA) - a very broad range of astrophysical topics (high-energy astrophysics, extrasolar planets, stellar interiors, supernovae, etc. etc.)