Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command, is consolidating the command's web presence in accordance with Department of Defense (DoD) and Navy guidance. The U.S. Naval Oceanography portal will be the single access point for all public facing Meteorology and Oceanography products and services.

This publicly-accessible portal is currently online at, and is being populated. In the near future, non-DoD users will be redirected to this portal. DoD customers can access all operational data, products and services via the NIPRnet Naval Oceanography Portal site at (CAC required).

Questions or comments can be submitted here.

The Washington Double Star Catalog

The Washington Double Star Catalog (WDS) maintained by the United States Naval Observatory is the world's principal database of astrometric double and multiple star information. The WDS Catalog contains positions (J2000), discoverer designations, epochs, position angles, separations, magnitudes, spectral types, proper motions, and, when available, Durchmusterung numbers and notes for the components of 137225 systems based on 1371500 means as of Thu Jun 23 10:54:46 EDT 2016 .