70 Oph orbit Roche Equipotential Surfaces

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Bibliography of Close Binaries

Editor-in-Chief: Walter Van Hamme

The Bibliography of Close Binaries, BCB, was initiated in 1963. Its creation was announced in the Commission 42 Triennial Report submitted by C42 President J. E. Merrill in 1964, published in IAU Transactions, Vol. XIIA. Until December 1997 (Issue No. 65), this publication was known as Bibliography and Program Notes on Close Binaries, BPN. The current name of the BCB started with Issue No. 68 in June 1998. The BCB was distributed in paper form by mail until 2000, and it has been published only in electronic form since 2001, starting with Issue No. 72.

On average, about 49 journals plus proceedings, books, etc. are searched and over 500 entries are included in each issue.

Gunnar Larsson-Leander, at Lund Observatory in Sweden, was the first Editor-in-Chief, and he served in this position from 1963 - 1982. He was succeeded by Tibor Herczeg (1983-1988), Atsuma Yamasaki (1989-1994), Horst Drechsel (1995-2000), Colin Scarfe (2001-2016), and Walter Van Hamme (since 2016).


H. Drechsel, D.R. Faulkner, P.G. Niarchos, D. Nogami, G. Samec, C.D. Scarfe, C.A. Tout, M. Wolf, M. Zejda

Locations of the BCB Catalogue

BCB Issues: 2001 - current