Workshop on Automation and Robotic Operation
of Moderate-Sized Telescopes
for Speckle Interferometry

held at the U.S. Naval Observatory, 2-3 June 2014

A small workshop was held at USNO in early June 2014, bringing together people interested in automating telescopes for speckle interferometric observations of double stars. The planned levels of automation vary, from warm-room operation of the USNO 26inch refractor and speckle camera to fully robotic observations using specialized telescopes at remote sites. Talks presented at the workshop are linked below, together with a poster describing the current status of the PISCO speckle program.

Sunday evening:
  • Reception, USNO Library

Monday morning:
Monday afternoon:
Monday evening:
  • Observatory tour, telescope and observing demo
    B. Mason & W. Hartkopf

Tuesday morning:
Tuesday afternoon: