Spacecraft, Launcher, and Orbit
Launcher   TBD
Apogee Kick Motor   TBD
Mission Lifetime   5 years
Effective Focal Length   TBD
Number of Apertures   2
Aperture Size   TBD
Primary Mirror Size   TBD
Focal Plane Scale   TBD
Diffraction width at nominal wavelength (700nm)   TBD
CCD Size   2048 x 4096 pixels
Pixel Size   15 microns
Pixel on Sky   TBD
Rotation Period   TBD
Precession Period   TBD
Time for star to traverse a CCD   TBD
No. of amplifiers per CCD   2
Mean angle between Sun and spin axis   TBD
CCD Binning   Any even number of columns
Number of Astrometric CCDs   TBD
Number of Photometric CCDs   TBD
Photometric Bands   Sloan , r´, i´
No. of times a mV 9 star is observed (astrometric)   TBD
No. of times a mV 8 star is observed (photometric)   TBD
Instrument Performance
Wavelength Range   550 to 850 nm
Magnitude Range (mV)   5 - 20
Astrometric Accuracy
(positions and parallaxes in µas,
proper motions in µas/yr)
  50 at mV = 9, 500 at mV = 15
Photometric Accuracy   1 millimagnitude at magnitude 9
5 millimagnitudes at magnitude 15