The CPC2 is an astrometric, photographic catalog covering the Southern Hemisphere (-90 <= DC <= +2 degree) to a limiting magnitude of about 10.5 in a visual-red bandpass of 530-640 nm. The same x,y and photometry data has been used as with the first release of the CPC2 (de Vegt et al. 1993, A&A Supl 97, 985; Zacharias et al. 1992, A&A 254, 397).

This release 2 is based on a complete new plate-by-plate reduction using the Hipparcos Catalogue (ESA, 1997, SP-1200). Details can be found in the corresponding paper (Zacharias et al. 1999, AJ).

This release 2 does not contain proper motions. The positions given are on the Hipparcos system (equinox J2000) and for the mean epoch of observation, which is between 1961.7 and 1973.2. This catalog is mainly intended to be combined with other astrometric catalogs to derive proper motions. It also serves as a cross-check for individual stars, giving a high precision position at its epoch.