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Sixth DoD Astrometry Forum

Practical Astrometry for DoD Applications

5-6 December 2000
Washington, D.C.

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The Sixth DoD Astrometry Forum
presented by the U.S. Naval Observatory

"Practical Astronomy for DoD Applications"

Dates: December 5-6, 2000

Location: US Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C.

This sixth in our series of symposia on astrometry was designed for those in the Department of Defense who have applications involving the celestial reference frame in general and stellar positions and motions in particular. Experts in the selected areas described the concepts, problems involved, and the status of various projects currently underway or under consideration by both the DoD and the international astronomical community. Discussion periods were provided during every session.

These forums are intended for DoD personnel and contractors who

  • are involved with the use of star catalogs
  • require access to or assistance in using other fundamental astronomical data, such as Earth orientation parameters and the positions and motions of solar system bodies
  • are involved in the use of reference frames and the transformation between them
  • are interested in learning about specific applications that require astrometric data
  • manage DoD projects and are looking for an overview of the current state of astrometry and the resources that are and will be available

Topics covered: (see Program for more information)

  • Astronomical and terrestrial reference frames
  • Problems in dealing with positions of celestial objects at various wavelengths
  • Solar System ephemerides
  • Space astrometry
  • Sensor technology
  • New high-accuracy measuring techniques - optical interferometery, Hipparcos, and CCD arrays
  • The latest star catalogs and almanacs
  • Space debris
  • Autonomous space navigation
  • The future of astrometry
The keynote speaker at this year's Forum was Dr. Gene McCall, Chief Scientist, U.S. Air Force Space Command

Information on previous Astrometry Forums is also available here.

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