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October 19, 2019

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Minor Planets Named for Members of the Astrometry Department

Recently the Minor Planet Center announced that minor planets have been named for Tom and Brenda Corbin and for Charles Worley. The citations are shown here. Congratulations to Tom and Brenda and to Charles's family.

(4008) Corbin = 1977 BY

Discovered 1977 Jan. 22 at the Carlos U. Cesco Station of the Felix Aguilar Observatory.

Named in honor of Dr. Thomas E. Corbin, head of the Meridian Circle Division at the U.S. Naval Observatory, and his wife, Brenda Groves Corbin, since 1973 the Observatory's librarian. Serving early in his career as astronomer-in-charge of the Observatory's southern station in Argentina, Tom Corbin has since been responsible for several important astrometric programs, including the Astrographic Catalogue Reference Stars catalogue. Brenda Corbin is one of the most renowned astronomical librarians in the world, known for her work in the Special Libraries Association, the IAU Commission 5 Working Group on Nomenclature and for her enthusiasm in tracking down copies of rare works.

Minor Planet Circular 31295, 1998 Feb. 11

(7011) Worley = 1987 SK1

Discovered 1987 Sept. 21 by E. Bowell at the Anderson Mesa Station of the Lowell Observatory.

Named in memory of Charles Edmund Worley (1935-1997), indefatigable observer and cataloguer of double-star positions. Following two years at the Lick Observatory, he was on the staff of the U.S. Naval Observatory from 1961. His work has significantly enhanced our knowledge of the motion of double-star and multiple-star systems and of stellar masses. Name suggested by H. Eichhorn.

Minor Planet Circular 31296, 1998 Feb. 11

Other members of the Department so honored are:

  • Chester B. Watts (1798 Watts)
  • Clayton Smith (3118 Claytonsmith)
  • Robert Harrington (3216 Harrington)
  • Tom and Brenda Corbin (4008 Corbin)
  • Charles Worley (7011 Worley)

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