The Washington Double Star Catalog

The Washington Double Star Catalog (WDS) maintained by the United States Naval Observatory is the world's principal database of astrometric double and multiple star information. The WDS Catalog contains positions (J2000), discoverer designations, epochs, position angles, separations, magnitudes, spectral types, proper motions, and, when available, Durchmusterung numbers and notes for the components of 148640 systems based on 1759706 means as of Mon May 6 10:12:42 EDT 2019 .


  • WDS Supplemental Catalog (summary)

  • The Washington Double Star Supplemental Catalog (WDSS) is a database intended for large, faint duplicity surveys and contains 113528 unique (not in the WDS) systems based on 591276 unique (not in WDS) measures. It is expected to grow significantly as future data releases from Gaia, PanStarrs, etc. lead to ever-larger-scale duplicity surveys.

    If the WDS and associated databases were helpful for your research work, the following acknowledgement would be appreciated:

    ``This research has made use of the Washington Double Star Catalog maintained at the U.S. Naval Observatory.''

    A notification of references to relevant papers is appreciated.