USNO Robotic Astrometric Telescope

URAT: the Detector


A single 10k chip (STA1600B), measuring over 95 mm on a side, is shown above, in comparison with a Leica digital camera.

The picture above shows the backside of the 10k chip mounting.

This screenshot shows 1/4 of the area of a fully functional 10k chip (STA1600B). The black bars separating the 4 sections shown here are overscan areas of this flat-field image. This detector is a back-illuminated device, thinned by M.Lesser at Univ. of Arizona. The raw image was obtained by K.Boggs using the Aura electronics from G.Bredthauer, Semiconductor Technology Associates (STA).

All 16 outputs working on the thinned 10k detector.