70 Oph orbit Roche Equipotential Surfaces

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The webpages for IAU Commission G1 were created and designed in November 2013 for Commission 42 and revised for Commission G1 by Mercedes T. Richards, C42 President and Brian Mason, C26 President (both 2012 - 2015) and founding members of Commission G1.

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Credit for Orbit Figure

The image depicting the relative orbit of STF2272AB = 70 Oph is from the Sixth Catalog of Orbits of Visual Binary Stars and shows all 1,694 relative measures of the pair from 1777 to 2013 plotted with the current "best" orbit of the pair from Eggenberger et al. (2008).

Credit for Roche Geometry Image

The image depicting Roche Geometry was created by Marc van der Sluys (2006) and was derived from the version available through Wikipedia.

Credit for Background Image

The background image was derived from the Infrared Spitzer Observatory image of the Eagle Nebula (image number: ssc2007-01c3).

Credit for Table on Evolution of Close Binaries

The table which describes the Evolution of Close Binaries was derived from A Field Guide to the Binary Stars by V. Trimble 1983, Nature, 303, 137. It is included with the permission of Dr. Virginia Trimble.