IAU Commission 26/G1 Information Circulars

The IAU Commission 26 Information Circular was begun in 1954 by Paul Muller of the Observatoire de Strasbourg, France. Publication of the Circular was taken over in 1983 by Paul Couteau of the Observatoire de Nice and in 1993 by J. A. Docobo and J.F. Ling of the Observatorio Astronomico "Ramon Maria Aller", of the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The 120 circulars published by Drs. Muller and Couteau were scanned to pdf files by Brian Mason, and are linked below. Commissions 26 and 42 were merged at the 2015 IAU General Assembly; circulars beginning with #187 are therefore referred to as Commission G1 circulars.

The lists of new binaries and orbital elements which have traditionally comprised the Circulars were recently supplemented by bibliographies of recently published binary star papers. Both paper and electronic mail versions of the Circular are published by Drs. Docobo and Ling. Contributions to this most worthwhile publication should be sent to the authors at oadoco@usc.es or oafana@usc.es, respectively.

I am sure I join all binary star astronomers in expressing our gratitude to Drs. Muller and Couteau for their major efforts over the past 40 years, as well as to Drs. Docobo and Ling for their continuation and expansion of this effort. Thanks should also go to the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, for their financial assistance in the publication of these Circulars.

Available Circulars