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Welcome to the Webpage for the

WMC (Washington Multiplicity Catalog)

Designation Scheme & Working Group

The following website saw its origins in the Multi-Commission Meeting (MCM) held on 11 August 2000 during the XXIVth General Assembly of the IAU in Manchester, UK, and Special Session 3 (SPS3) held on 18 July 2003 during the XXVth General Assembly of the IAU in Sydney, Australia. Following both meetings, type C Resolutions were ratified and following SPS3 a Working Group (WG) was proposed by Commission 26 (under Division IV, formal approval pending) for the implementation of the 2003 Type C Resolution, namely, the generation of an all-sky WMC to present at Prague (GA XXVI) for a type B resolution.

The goal of this website is to keep the community informed of progress on this project.

Unsolicited comments are appreciated via our comment form.